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Ilia Levin


Here is a my story!

A young Russian publisher established in 2017 by the true fans of their craft. In three years, we've popularized Russian comics and attracted new readers into the industry. It was achieved because of the product's high quality, different approach towards working with stories and characters, as well as attracting the audience of media people (bloggers and different musicians) to MOLOT HARDCORP comics. 
MOLOT HARDCORP has two founders - Vlad and Ilya, ex-classmates. Since childhood, we've been growing up on Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse comics and thanks to our efforts, we've got the opportunity to create new worlds. When we established the publisher, we worked hard, spent whole nights on our projects, wrote scripts, drew and painted, tried to make our product as good as possible in order to win the love of readers, to captivate them with interesting and colorful stories. And we managed to accomplish it, despite the very modest budget that we had had at the start of our journey.


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